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REDMOND, Wa, January 22, 2020 – Quick thinking and cool demeanors helped two Redmond police officers rescue a man poised to jump from an overpass in October.


Steady actions earned Officers Cameron Balazic and Ty Tomlinson life-saving awards at the Redmond City Council meeting on Tuesday evening.


On the afternoon of October 8, police responded to multiple calls reporting that a man was dangling his feet off the overpass at NE 40th St. and SR 520. Witnesses said that the man appeared to be preparing to jump into highway traffic below.


The bridge was busy with pedestrians, and the scene unfolded so quickly there was no time to shut down the sidewalk or road.


Balazic and Tomlinson soon arrived and calmly spoke with the distraught man. They quickly formed a plan to remove him from the ledge as he was ignoring their verbal requests to step onto the sidewalk. At their first opportunity, the officers sprang into action and pulled the struggling man to safety.


More resources arrived and RPD’s Mental Health Professional was on scene to assess the man’s needs and get him to appropriate medical care.


“This incident could have had a much different end if not for the calm, level-headed actions by the officers involved,” wrote Chief Darrell Lowe in the official commendation. Chief Lowe offered gratitude and thanks to Officers Tomlinson and Balazic for bringing great credit to the Redmond Police Department and the City of Redmond.

Two RPD officers earn life-saving awards for rescuing suicidal man off 520 overpass

The John Miner Award

The John Miner Award is awarded annually by the City of Redmond’s Public Safety Advisory Board (PSAB) to a Redmond Police Officer or Lieutenant who has distinguished themselves by displaying excellence in community policing during the preceding year. The award is named after the late Lt. John Miner (1950-2004) who was a longtime member of the Redmond Police Department. Lt. Miner was a professional role model for many officers and a shining star in the Redmond Community.

Officer Brent Campbell

2016 John Miner  Excellence in policing award

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Letter of Recognition
for dedication & extraordinary effort 

Officer Davin Alsin

Officer Alsin is assigned to the Traffic Division as a Motor Officer. As such, one of his primary responsibilities is to enforce traffic laws with the goal of reducing collisions and the kind of driving behaviors that often result in collisions.


In 2016 Officer Alsin issued well over 2,500 citations which exceeded the combined output of the entire department. Of those citations, over 650 were related to distracted driving, which is a major contributor to injury collisions. He also wrote over 425 citations for speeding, 128 of which were for speeding in a school zone.  Officer Alsin’s high level of activity to help achieve the safety goals of the Traffic Division exemplifies a standard of excellence to be recognized.


Officer Alsin’s actions, work ethic and dedication to the citizens of our community and department demonstrate the City’s and Redmond Police Department’s values of Professionalism, Dedication, Leadership, and Commitment to Service.

Kristi Wilson

Chief of Police

May 4, 2017

Emergency Communications Specialist Valarie Whiteaker

Emergency Communications Specialist Valerie Whiteaker has been with the department since 2004. She made an immediate positive impact to the Communications Division and continues to be a valued member of the team.  She is dedicated to the service she provides and consistently goes a step beyond what is required of her position to assist in the resolution of whatever situation is in front of her.


Emergency Communications Specialist Whiteaker is supportive of her teammates and officers alike. Her outgoing and engaging personality makes it a pleasure to work with her.


On March 31, 2016 the department responded to a fire on West Lake Sammamish at a local business.  Emergency Communications Specialist Whiteaker’s general tenacity facilitated her locating a name, address, and vehicle once officers provided a suspect vehicle description. She utilized information from DAPS, and the City’s business license page to ultimately locate the suspect. 


Emergency Communications Specialist Whiteaker’s work ethic, dedication to her fellow team members and the citizens of our community demonstrates the Departments values of Respect, Professionalism, Dedication, Leadership and Commitment to Service.


It is with gratitude and great thanks that this Letter of Recognition is presented to Emergency Communications Specialist Valerie Whiteaker for consistently going above and beyond your assigned duties.

Kristi Wilson

Chief of Police

May 4, 2017

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Letter of Department Commendation

Communications Supervisor Robert Clemmons

Communications Supervisor Robert Clemmons has been actively involved in the Genetec Project and has become the “go-to” person for the City.  He has assumed responsibility for the installation and monitoring of a system that has experienced a wide variety of challenges since implementation.  In the absence of a City Security Coordinator/Manager, Robert has taught himself how the system works, done troubleshooting during failures, responded in to the City when there have been failures and prepared significant reports related to the project. He serves on the City Security Upgrade Committee and has done a significant amount of work related to not just the implementation but the follow up repairs.


His documentation about the process is outstanding and he humbly works to make sure the system is working as well as can be controlled.  The estimate is that Robert is spending approximately fifty (50) percent of his time on this project and while the responsibility for the system should not reside with him, he continues to put his best efforts into making it successful.


Communications Supervisor Robert Clemmons goes above and beyond to assist his fellow co-workers with Spillman and Telestaff. He is always willing to jump in and help.


It is with gratitude and great thanks that this Department Commendation is presented to Communications Supervisor Robert Clemmons for his demonstration of the values of Respect, Professionalism, Dedication, Leadership and Commitment to Service to the Redmond Police Department and the citizens of the City of Redmond.


Kristi Wilson

Chief of Police

May 4, 2017

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Life Saving award citation

Officer Corey Stevens

On April 23, 2017 at 1000 hours, two (2) officers were dispatched to a multi-level storage facility in the 18000 block of Redmond Way to conduct a welfare check. A 9-1-1 caller reported seeing an unresponsive male in his 50’s “passed out” on the third level. Officer Stevens was not initially dispatched but advised he would respond as he was already in the area.


Upon his arrival, Officer Stevens was met outside the facility by the victim’s family member who said the subject was having a heart attack.  Officer Stevens retrieved the AED from his patrol car and hurried up to the third (3rd) floor where he found CPR being performed on the male.


Officer Stevens encouraged the bystander (who was also a family member) to continue CPR while he readied the AED.  The patient was in fact in cardiac arrest and shock was advised.  Officer Stevens delivered two (2) separate shocks from the AED before aid arrived and assumed responsibility.


Several additional fire and medic units arrived on scene upon receiving the upgraded dispatch of a cardiac arrest situation. Medic personnel continued CPR for several minutes until the patient was stable enough for transport.  The patient was transported to Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland.  When last checked, he was no longer in the emergency room and was moved to the critical care unit. At approximately 1300 hours, Fire Battalion Chief Ashmore called the Police Department and expressed his appreciation for Officer Steven’s efforts that likely saved this man’s life.


Officer Stevens appropriately self-dispatched himself to this call based on the nature of the emergency and his proximity to the location. He remained calm and professional while using his previous training and experience to administer this life-saving device.  The best case scenario for surviving an event like this is to have people present when it occurred; to have bystanders trained CPR on hand ; and to have an immediate application of the AED.  All these things occurred, which will significantly increase the changes of this man’s survival.


It is our honor to present the Lifesaving Award to Officer Corey Stevens.


Kristi Wilson

Chief of Police

May 4, 2017

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