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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Redmond Police Foundation?


The Redmond Police Foundation (the “Foundation”) is a 501(c)3 independent, public, charitable organization established through the interests and support of Redmond community volunteers.  


What is the mission of the Redmond Police Foundation?


The mission of the Foundation is to support the law enforcement professionals of the Redmond Police Department in order to recognize their service and dedication to the community. The Foundation provides a benevolent community with a means to support their local Police Officers, detectives and staff. The foundation raises and develops grants that fund non-budgeted expenditures that aid, facilitate, and provide for effective policing of the community; thus, ensuring that Redmond continues to be a safe place to work, live, and play.


What are the Foundation’s plans?


The Foundation is currently focused on increasing awareness of our work to help expand our funding base. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to engage the community and increase funding for important initiatives. Here is a sample of the kind of initiatives that are under consideration:

  • Gear: Equipment used in law enforcement is often highly specialized and extremely expensive; the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment often exceeds annual department budgets but is vital to the safety of the community because it helps the officers do their jobs more expeditiously and efficiently.  Other times, it’s the little things that make a real difference. From cold weather gear items for our motorcycle officers as the seasons change to Fall and Winter to improved wearable hydration systems for our bicycle offers in the Spring and Summer, there are multiple opportunities where the donations of RPF can make a difference.

  • Training: Officer Training is a critical part of the job, but sometimes the advanced, specialty instruction that officers are looking for isn’t in the budget.  That’s when RPF evaluates RPD Specialty Team requests for funding and works with the department to support advanced individual and team training and professional development opportunities, where both the officer and the community benefit as an end result. 

  • Technology: As technology evolves to enhance our day-to-day lives, the criminal element is close behind trying to take advantage of these changes to their benefit, and that’s when standard policing tools get evaluated to determine if they are keeping up with the changes.  The Foundation is always looking for ways to work with RPD to help take advantage of new systems that keep RPD ahead of the curve on crime and maintaining a technological advantage.

  • Vouchers. When an officer is injured in the line of duty this can result in hospitalization. Frequently family members have to travel distances and pay out of pocket expenses to be with and support their loved one. The Foundation seeks to work with local proprietors for hotel and food vouchers; thus, providing short-term relief in these trying circumstances.

  • Recognition dinner and awards. One way we can show our appreciation is to sponsor the Police Department’s annual recognition awards dinner. Providing a formal dinner to honor those who serve the community is a special way to say thanks.

  • Promote and recognize teamwork between officers, civilian staff and citizens of Redmond with special/innovative talents as volunteers to the needs of the Department.


How are funds allocated to the Foundation? Who decides how these funds are spent?


The Foundation is an independent body made of up private citizens. The Foundation’s Board of Directors awards funds through a grant proposal and review process. The grants we fund are ultimately intended to enhance overall public safety and help build stronger relationships between the community and the Redmond Police Department.


What’s the difference (or relationship) between the Redmond Police Department and the Redmond Police Foundation?


The Redmond Police Department is a government agency and is a function of the executive authority of the elected Mayor of Redmond, WA.  The Department is responsible for public safety and maintaining lawful order. Funding for day-to-day operations of the Redmond Police Department is provided by the City of Redmond in the normal budget process and the daily operations our supervised by the Department’s Chief of Police.


The Foundation is a non-profit organization made-up of like-minded private citizens. The Foundation raises private funds to provide for goods and services above and beyond those funded by the City. The Police Department and Redmond Police Foundation board work closely together to identify key initiatives and priorities; however, the Foundation is an independent body. Our role is not to supplement the regular budget process of the Police Department. The Foundation provides support in ways that are not part of the normal capital and operations budget.


Why was the Redmond Police Foundation formed?


In early 2016 a committed group of citizens recognized that there were certain needs that went beyond the scope of what the city could fund. In order to better address these needs, the Redmond Police Foundation was formed. Redmond Police Foundation does not compete with or replace any Police Department functions whatsoever. However, we recognize that keeping our community safe and happy is a tireless job and where we can be a service to those who serve us (the citizens) then we will do so.


How does Redmond Police Foundation raise funds?


The Foundation conducts traditional fundraising activities including individual solicitations, online and email campaigns, and will host a number of special events throughout the year. These efforts raise awareness regarding the Foundation’s mission, and provides a tax-deductible way for a benevolent community to donate.


Who manages the Redmond Police Foundation?


The Foundation is managed by an all-volunteer board comprised of private citizens, professionals, and business owners who have a shared belief in the Foundation’s mission. What makes Redmond a special place to live and work is, in part, a function of the dedicated efforts of our police and first responders.


In additional to our Board, the Foundation works with a group volunteers who help manage all the Foundation’s operations and events. The Foundation’s Leadership team in partnership with local businesses and citizens are committed to achieving the Foundation’s vital mission.

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