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the Redmond Police Foundation. putting community interests into action.

The Foundation is committed to bringing citizens together to support the Redmond Police Department. Our belief is that by being an engaged and purposeful community we can be a part of advocating for and promoting awareness of the public safety challenges in our growing community. We do this by fostering collaboration between the Police Department and individual citizens and civic groups. Additionally, we seek to develop a fundraising and resource development program - through grants or other means- which are meant to put the community interests into action. Our intention is to fund and support programs and items that are above and beyond the ‘regular’ budget process but we believe will bring greater public awareness, safety, and showcase and honor the heroism, valor, and outstanding achievement by the Redmond law enforcement officers and staff.

Sharon Brocker, Leo Poort, Catherine Mayr, Anthony Brooks,Tim Short,Tim Gately,Hank Meyers,Melissa Farage, Julie Beard, Larry Snyder
2021/2022 Foundation Goals

Overnight Emergency Hotel Room & Victim Services

Victims of crime often need temporary relief for an overnight hotel stay to ensure they are removed from a harmful environment and can then gain access to appropriate services.


Total Fundraising Goal: $2,000


Family Wellness Activities, Training and Support

The Foundation would like to have discretionary funds available to support the changing needs of the Redmond Police Foundation’s law enforcement officers, professional staff and their families.


Total Fundraising Goal: $5,000


Updates to Equipment and Training

Gear and equipment are constantly evolving. Donating to this cause would help the Department upgrade equipment and ensure that all officers have the latest and greatest training.


Total Fundraising Goal: $2,500


One-Week Advanced Executive Training

Help ensure that senior managers are prepared for challenges the Redmond Police Department will face in the next decade and beyond. Donating to this cause would allow the Department to send managers to the best available master-level command universities, such as the Senior Management Institute for Police (Boston University) or the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety.


Total Fundraising Goal: $20,000


Post-Trauma Support (one week)

As officers, detectives, and professional staff deal with the impacts of crimes against children, and other traumatic incidents, the health and welfare of the Redmond Police Department is important. Donating to this cause can help send affected officers to facilities such as the West Coast Post-Trauma Retreat. West Coast Retreat is a residential program that provides an educational experience designed to help current and retired first responders recognize the signs and symptoms of work-related stress including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in themselves and in others.


Total Fundraising Goal: $25,000


Virtual Scenario Training Simulator

Help the Redmond Police Department provide advanced training through virtual scenarios. Training includes state-of-the-art Judgmental Use of Force Situational & Scenario Awareness, Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, Decision-Making Under Stress, Reading Body Language and Threat Cues, Use of De-Escalation Techniques, and overall Public & Officer Safety.


Total Fundraising Goal: $220,000

A few examples of how the Foundation has already helped the Department & Community:
  • Hotel Vouchers for Victims of Domestic Abuse.

    • We'd like to think abuse doesn't take place in Redmond, but unfortunately it does. It's not uncommon that victims have nowhere to turn in time of need. Often times the victim does not feel comfortable reaching out to family or friends, or there simply may not be any close relations in the area. We grant funds to RPD in which they use to purchase hotel vouchers. The Foundation doesn't provide vouchers themselves as an added layer of security and privacy for the recipient.

  • Employee Wellness/Post-trauma Support 

    • Although Redmond is a safe city compared with some large urban centers, occasionally crimes involve situations where officers are exposed to traumatic scenes. Thanks to community support, the Foundation has been able to fund post-trauma treatment. 

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