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Our Mission, Vision and purpose

The Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization established, in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service code 501(c) 3, to assist the City of Redmond's police department with non-budgeted expenditures. The Foundation is governed by a citizen-based, volunteer board of directors with all received contributions, donations and grants used to meet the mission and vision of the Foundation. The Foundation is the only organization authorized to raise funds for Redmond Police Department; it serves as a vehicle for tax-exempt gift and grants from individuals, businesses and philanthropies intent on providing better policing and a safer community.


Mission: (Approved by the Board of Directors on 04/20/2016)


The Redmond Police Foundation supports the law enforcement professionals of the Redmond Police Department in order to recognize their service and dedication to our community; and, grant funds to the Redmond Police Department for essential non-budgeted expenditures that aid, facilitate, and provide for effective policing of our community.


The 2020 Vision: (Approved by the Board of Directors on 06/20/2016)

  • An active, financially viable and organizationally sound Foundation respected by, and integrated into the Redmond community.

  • Strong advocacy programs which identifies and promotes awareness of law enforcement employee challenges and community public safety issues.

  • Ensure an ethical and effective fundraising program that allows for robust grants that fund solutions for law enforcement employee needs and public safety issues.

  • Host an annual community event that properly recognizes and honors heroism, valor, and outstanding achievement by Redmond law enforcement officers and staff.

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