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Law enforcement and mental health: Breaking the code of silence

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By City University of Seattle


It’s no surprise that law enforcement officers and other first responders are at a higher risk of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder than other professions — and in greater need of diligent emotional self-care.

Redmond Police Foundation mentioned in Police One article!

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Form a non-profit to bridge the gap for law enforcement funding needs

Police foundations raise millions of dollars each year for the purchase of new equipment and development of officer wellness and community policing initiatives...

New Redmond Police Chief Comes From Los Angeles Area

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REDMOND, WA — The Redmond City Council on Tuesday confirmed Mayor John Marchione's pick to replace retired former police chief Kristi Wilson.


Redmond's new chief will be Darrell Lowe, who served in multiple...

Redmond Police Foundation featured in the Redmond Reporter

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About six months ago, a group of concerned citizens in Redmond began talking about how they wanted to support their police department.

After approaching the Redmond Police Department (RPD), the citizens began working on forming the Redmond Police Foundation, a benevolent vehicle to support officers outside of the city budget.

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A Message from chief lowe

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May 29, 2020

Dear Redmond Community,


I feel a moral imperative to address the unnecessary and tragic death of George Floyd as a result of police action. I believe this to be the responsibility of all police leaders. I am profoundly disturbed and quite frankly disgusted by the actions and inaction that resulted in Mr. Floyd’s death. It was preventable and should not have happened.


As such, I will not shy away from having courageous conversations and dialogue. Historically, law enforcement has contributed to the marginalization of many disadvantaged communities and groups. We value and depend on the relationships between the community and our department. These connections allow us to engage in meaningful dialogue around events that evoke such a depth of emotion.


It is the responsibility of law enforcement leaders to take measures to prevent those actions from occurring. As part of our officers’ on-going training, they will receive comprehensive instruction in constitutional policing, procedural justice, and implicit bias. Topics on which I am a recognized subject matter expert and national presenter. This training will supplement and support the current deconstructing bias training all City of Redmond employees are required to take.


The Redmond Police Department partners with community groups and leaders to ensure that we continue to be a learning organization. It is our culture to be a safe, open, welcoming, and inclusive community for all!


Police officers have to uphold the law, period. I expect our officers, myself included, to apply the law fairly and equally to all. We must do this in a manner that prioritizes and respects the sanctity of life; this includes a duty to intervene if a fellow officer is acting outside of law or policy. Not only is that our policy, but it’s also our moral imperative.


I am incredibly proud of the staff of the Redmond Police Department. I see first hand every day the high moral standards, respect, and empathy they demonstrate. Police Officers take an oath and are granted the authority to protect our community. We understand we must do so with a balance of humanity, compassion, and fairness if we are to maintain our public’s trust.



Chief Darrell Lowe

Redmond Police Department

Redmond public safety
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