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Sergeant Jesse Bollerud

Sgt. Bollerud has worked for the Redmond Police Department since February of 2007, starting in the patrol division. While on patrol, he sought out and was awarded a position on the Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) containment team and was moved up to a full SWAT team member a few years later. After seeing a need for an overhaul of the Chemical and Less Lethal program, Jesse became an instructor for the City of Redmond in Chemical, Less Lethal and Beanbag Shotgun. He also became a federally certified instructor in active shooter preparation training. 


In January of 2012, Jesse was promoted to Detective in the Investigations Division. Once there, he saw a need for a second, commissioned computer forensics investigator. Jesse had been assigned as the liaison to the Internet Crimes Against Children taskforce, and saw firsthand the backlog of computer forensics cases, and the benefit of having a commissioned investigator for several cases of a sensitive nature. In March of 2014, Jesse was certified as a computer forensics examiner through IACIS; the first commissioned officer in Redmond history to receive this honor. He still teaches computer forensics to every new class at the WA state Police Academy.


Jesse was promoted to Patrol Sergeant in April of 2017.

Sergeant Paul Chung

Paul Chung started his career with the Redmond Police Department some 14 years ago as a Police Support Officer (PSO), after several years in the high-tech industry. Paul transitioned to the full-commissioned side of the department after a year as a PSO. Paul has spent all of his time in patrol, most of it on the night shift. He enjoys responding to calls for service and still finds it challenging and rewarding. His new role as a Supervisor has brought its’ own challenges and Paul looks forward to growing in this position and mentoring new officers.

Paul has been married to his wife for 19 years. They have two children who are engaged in multiple activities, keeping their parents busy. Paul looks forward to several more years of fruitful service to the department and the community.

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