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Our Mission: To provide funding for essential, but non-budgeted items, that will ensure a margin of excellence in effective community policing. We work closely with the Redmond Police command staff to identify areas where community-based help will make a difference in providing that margin of excellence. Close attention is given to budget items that affect training, equipment, technology, officer well-being and community relations. These critical areas receive special emphasis in our fundraising activities.

The Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc., (ODMP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring America's fallen law enforcement officers. More than 24,000 officers have died in the line of duty in the United States since 1776 and ODMP is honored to preserve their memories and give friends, family, other officers, and citizens alike the opportunity to remember the fallen and honor their sacrifices.


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A Message from the foundation

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Dear Friends and Supporters of the Redmond Police Foundation:

As many of you know, Sharon Brocker was the inspiration, founder and the driving force behind the creation and formation of the Redmond Police Foundation (RPF). Since its inception in March 2016, the RPF has been run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.  The Foundation’s mission has always been to support the Redmond Police Department (RPD) in order to recognize their service and dedication to the community.

Over the past 5 years, driven by Sharon’s vision, the RPF has provided financial support to both the RPD, its officers & staff, as well as the Redmond community as a whole.  The RPF is one of only two Police Foundations on the Eastside & one of six in the entire state of Washington.

Recently, with the grateful support of Service Master Restore of Redmond, B.E. Myers and other like-minded businesses and citizens, the RPF has committed to fund $20,000 toward the purchase and training of an explosive detection K-9 unit which will be the only such K-9 on the Eastside. This K-9 will be an extremely important addition with the advent of light rail to the Redmond area.  For the past, 3 years the RPF has granted funding to the RPD for a Safe Sleep program which provides temporarily overnight stays at anonymous hotel locations for victims & family members of domestic violence. Last year the RPF also assisted an officer with financial support during his long, debilitating battle with cancer.

In the past year as President of the RPF, Sharon has struggled with health issues.  Her health has now caused her to take a step away from the day-to-day operations of the Foundation for a less time-consuming roll as the Chairperson of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Sharon remains very involved but not on a daily basis as she has been in the past. We wish her Godspeed to a full recovery very soon.

The Foundation is actively seeking a President who will continue the legacy of Sharon’s vision for the Foundation and will be run on an interim basis by an acting president from the current board of directors.


The Board of Directors
PO Box 446, Redmond, WA 98073
EIN: 81-3758396


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Dear community members interested in supporting the Redmond Police Department:


We believe in our Redmond Police officers! We are also thankful to live in a community that cares about responsible public safety. Your Police Department works hard for you every day to serve and protect our entire community, regardless of color, creed, national origin or other factors. At times, they risk their own lives or health to do so.

Many of you have seen Redmond police officers respond in emergencies, both natural and man-made. They work tirelessly, with patience to do what is right. Recently our officers helped ensure peaceful protests for racial justice, while maintaining public safety, in Redmond and other nearby communities. They work daily to deal with those intent on causing disruption in and around Redmond.  If asked why they became police officers, most will answer “to help victims” or “to help make the Redmond community a safe place to live and work.”

We are grateful to have a well-trained police department with an outstanding professional reputation and community appreciation for what they do. With the energy Chief Darrell Lowe and his staff bring to our community, and with Redmond’s thoughtful public and private leaders, we expect your police department will continue to shine in these difficult times. Chief Lowe recently stated, “It is our culture to be a safe, open, welcoming, and inclusive community for all.”

The Redmond Police Foundation, with its all-volunteer Board of Directors, seeks to be a champion for the law enforcement professionals who help make Redmond a great place to live, work and raise a family. Working beside you, we have the opportunity to make a difference during this unprecedented time of health-related, social and economic challenges. Anticipated City budget cuts, forced by lowered revenues and uncommon expenses, will surely impact funds dedicated to public safety. It’s our city, it’s our safety, and we are all stakeholders.

This is why we are reaching out to you now.

The Redmond Police Foundation is working to raise money to help offset some of those impacts, and to prepare for the growth and challenges ahead. We are committed to raising funds so our officers have the equipment, training and resources they need to do their work effectively. When light rail reaches Redmond, the department will need a bomb-sniffing K-9 unit, and additional bike patrols.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder treatments for our officers need to be completely covered in times of personal crisis. Additional up-to-date policing technology will be needed so that our officers can do their job with their well-being protected.

Our mission is to provide funding for essential, but non-budgeted items, that will ensure a margin of excellence in effective community policing. We work closely with the Redmond Police command staff to identify areas where community-based help will make a difference in providing that margin of excellence. Close attention is given to budget items that affect training, equipment, technology, officer well-being and community relations. These critical areas will receive special emphasis in our fund-raising activities.

Many individuals and organizations in Redmond have stepped up for our first responders with gifts such as food, gift cards, financial support, personal protective equipment and words of encouragement. We hope to provide more opportunities for citizens to help. The community’s bolstering of the Redmond Police Department is greatly appreciated by the officers, who tell us that doing their job is made easier by the support of Redmond citizens, local businesses and employees. Your donations, your personal encouragement and your voice raised to advocate for public safety are especially important now.

With all the upheaval in our region and country, we recognize that Redmond is probably better prepared than most communities. But unexpected circumstances threaten our police department’s ability to keep evolving its high standards. With your help, the Redmond Police Foundation can fund some of those important but non-budgeted needs of the Department. Your donations will make a difference and help provide that much-needed margin of excellence.

Please consider making a donation to the Redmond Police Foundation by visiting our website clicking on the Donate Now button which can be found at the top of each page.

Thank you for your continued support!


It's our city. It's our safety. 

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and fund

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We all desire a safe city in which to live, play and work. As residents of Redmond, we are proud to have one of the finest law enforcement organizations in the nation – the Redmond Police Department.


We understand that public safety and modern policing has become complex and does not rest solely upon the efforts of law enforcement agencies. To meet today's multifaceted policing, we recognize that the Redmond Police Department faces increasing needs in technology, equipment and training which may, at times, exceeded the current city budget. We have all become stakeholders.

The Redmond Police Foundation was created by local citizens to support the law ‎enforcement ‎professionals of the Redmond Police Department in order to recognize ‎their service ‎and ‎dedication to the community, and to grant funds to the ‎Redmond ‎Police ‎Department to pay for essential, non-budgeted expenditures that aid, facilitate, and ‎provide ‎for effective ‎policing of the community.

We Need your help

Your support ensures that the Redmond Police Department has the additional resources they need to better serve and protect the citizens of Redmond. Please join us in our important work by contributing as generously as you can. Thank you!

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